After winter

Austrolebias luteoflammulatus (R9km205)Time to get going again. The first juveniles are in the garden already, and other batches are getting ready to go as well. I’m hatching some five to ten lines per month now. Not that all tanks are empty. On the contrary, species that made it through winter this year without heating are A. melanoorus (“R5km399”), nigripinnis (“Franquia”), charrua (“Canal Andreoni”), paucisquama (“Sao Sepe”), vazferreirai (R44km44), Cynopoecilus melanotaenia (“Paso del Dragon”), bellottii (“Maschwitz”), duraznensis (“Paso San Borja”) and the man on the photograph. He’s a luteoflammulatus (“R9km205”). Unfortunately the female in the same tank didn’t make it, but they were laying eggs until December. Christmas eggs.

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