Fish flat

Fish flat (2018)This is how I grow fish at home during winter. They are hatched in a small Peltier incubator, and kept in there for a few days with Artemia as the main feed.
After that they are transferred to relatively flat boxes with tap water, rain water and java moss. The food then becomes a mix of Artemia, Daphnia, copepods and tubifex or blackworm. Great at that point is that mortality can be almost avoided completely if the tanks are not crowded. You should count an Austrolebias alevin from a small species per 150 square centimeter tank surface. For large species, count two to three times that surface.
At these low densities, the fish will grow to maturity without problem. In the stack: Cynopoecilus melanotaenia (Paso del Dragon), Austrolebias charrua (Canal Andreoni), Austrolebias patriciae (Cruce Ferrocaril), Austrolebias vandenbergi (Talon Cansado), Austrolebias reicherti (Paso del Dragon), Austrolebias luteoflammulatus (Ruta 15km7.5, Canal Andreoni), Austrolebias gymnoventris (Velasquez).

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  1. I am using very similar boxes. I have a layer of ca. 1cm of this red clay granulate, 1 or 2 floating plants and nothing else. The boxes hold 8-10 litres. Small austrolebias grow much better and without problems compared to raising them in those regular 30x20x20 glass tanks. I can even breed them in those boxes with small plastic cups as spawning containers. It works well for nigripinnis, affinis, duraznensis.
    The fish grow quite well even if kept in relatively high density. When they reach 3cm length I transfer the best individuals to the regular tanks.

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