1000 islands

Filter plant islandTo keep tanks clean(er), I decided to use plants that grow well and root well in water as filters. Here on the photograph three different plants on small floating islands in my fish basins, situated in an unheated greenhouse. They all grow through winter. Leftmost: Vietnamese coriander (Persicaria odorata), middle: Japanese parsley (Oenanthe javanica), right: watercress (Nasturtium officinale). What’s really great is that the plants need to be kept growing to make them take up nutrients. What helps well for that is harvesting them, and all three are edible. Aquaponics in its simplest form.

3 thoughts on “1000 islands

  1. Hi there! I have some interest in keeping austrolebias…I just succeeded in getting nothobranchius guentheri to hatch and the 13+ resulting fry are doing well, so I thought that austrolebias would be nice – especially since they could have an extended time in a pond outside. Anyhow, for the smaller 5-7cm austrolebias, would I be able to keep a group inside a standard 40 litre during the winter, or would I be limited to a pair or trio? Thankx 🙂

  2. Hi Josh, a small group in a 40 liter tank seems doable, but they should be 3-4 cm 🙂
    For the 5-7 cm ones, a trio is the limit for that size of tank I think.
    Cheers, Tom

  3. In retrospect, this worked so well that the plants stopped growing after a while, due to insufficient nutrients in the water. I did remove all dead leaves regularly and harvested twice over winter. Persicaria odorata did best.

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