Austrolebias vazferreirai

A. vazferreirai (2017)A pair of relatively young Austrolebias vazferreirai (R44km44) from the type locality. They lay very well and are little aggressive. The water in their tank has some clay added and is therefore turbid. Note the dot on the flank in the male and the weaved pattern. Often vazferreirai males look just grey.

3 thoughts on “Austrolebias vazferreirai

  1. Can you ship eggs to the US? And if so do you have a list of available eggs? Thank you


  2. Dear Troy,
    thanks for your interest. I don’t have a list of available eggs, I don’t sell any – only exchange.

  3. Are there any in particular that you are looking for? I have some Cynolebias itapicuruensis eggs that I can trade. Most of my other killifish I have are readily available or are to young yet

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