Floral foam

A. wolterstorffi floral foamA new incubation trick: I cut slices from a block of floral foam and push small depressions in them, the size of a coin and about 1 cm deep. These pits are filled with cocopeat, from the container where my killies have been laying eggs. I drip some rainwater on the foam to keep it wet, and I also cut a thin lid. Eat pit gets four fresh eggs on top of the cocopeat, to be incubated. Then the wafer goes into a 250ml plastic container for storage and to avoid desiccation. Here some A. wolterstorffi eggs after one month of storage. The white patch is fungus: I lost one egg out of the four in this pit. As you might notice, the other three contain well-developing embryos. The scratches around the pit are from stabilizing my usb microscope on the foam.

3 thoughts on “Floral foam

  1. Yes I’m following up on how this continues. If it turns out OK, I’ll try this with different species.

  2. The setup needs to be checked regularly. Fungus mycelia can spread easily across the surface. I need to invent a way to fix that. For the moment I removed them regularly.

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