Feed the small

For a while I try to raise small fish without much Artemia. It decays when not eaten, it can feed predators of the fry. I’m down to two to three feedings of Artemia now, without much mortality. From day one, I add a mix of living invertebrates to the tanks, as in the video. Chaoborus larvae are removed from the mix, large Culex as well. The tank gets some tap water so that the water does not remain too soft and abundant java moss. Per day, some extra (rain) water is added and food if necessary. For this extensive setup, population density is critical: the tank surface per individual should be some 100 square centimeter. So for really large groups, I need to switch back to an intensive setup with water changes etcetera.

One thought on “Feed the small

  1. That’s the way. Enrich the microfauna of your tanks. I like to do this this for anabantoids and badids. It also kept the fry alive during three weeks of vacation. I haven’t lost a small Aplocheilus, Badis or Pseudosphromenus.

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