Egg drop out

A. cheradophilus (La Paloma 2016)In 2005 I received eggs of A. elongatus “Ezeiza” incubated inĀ  Sphagnum magellanicum and eggs of A. vandenbergi “Talon Cansado” in the same material last year. I decided to give this spawning material some extra attention and offered it to fish as spawning material. For one of the samples collected like this and currently seven months old, I tried to determine the state the embryos were in. To my surprise, that was very easy! After some drying, eggs started rolling out of the moss. For example, the one on the photograph, which is A. cheradophilus “La Paloma”. Will definitely experiment with this spawning substrate further!

3 thoughts on “Egg drop out

  1. Tom, does it work with your “water in and water out” strategy for hatching right in the storage boxes?

  2. I hatched straight from it when it was relatively dry in the box. When it’s still wet that didn’t work. Plus I found out that fungus seems to get to the embryos too easily, resulting in some bad hatches. So now I mix with some coco peat. Let’s see if that works at least as well.

  3. Good experiment!! Any advance with the mix with coco peat? A qiestion…this sustrate needs to be boiled before use?


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