Old Men

nigripinnis Maschwitz (2015)I didn’t check in detail yet how old they are exactly, but these two nigripinnis “Maschwitz” are over a year old. They spent a full summer outside in a shaded tunnel, a winter in the greenhouse and now into their next summer and doing well. Don’t worry about the “thing” looking like a hole in the dorsal fin. It isn’t – it’s a strange reflection. Nigripinnis, the first Austrolebias I ever had. They’re cute, vivid and easy, with deep colours.

3 thoughts on “Old Men

  1. 23 or 23 years ago this very same from Maschwitz was my first annual species. I kept them outdoors under ice in winter and over 40ยบ during the summer and the fish looked great. Females sooo rounded and healthy…

    Thanks for your blog, Tom. Really nice work

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