Vinegar Eels – Microworms?

Vinegar eels (2013)Another culture which has taken off well, thanks to the excellent advice of João Mourato, are vinegar eels (Turbatrix aceti). In a small plastic pot with some air holes in the top, add a mixture of oatmeal porridge and vinegar in a layer of a centimeter in total. I briefly boil the oatmeal in water to make the porridge. The vinegar I use is apple vinegar without sulfites added. I add not too much vinegar. When I taste the medium (before adding the starter worms), it tastes slightly acidic, but not too much.
The worms will crawl up the walls of the pot, where you can harvest them very easily. In retrospect, they might be just microworms (Panagrellus redivivus), since it has been easy to maintain them without vinegar also, will check…

5 thoughts on “Vinegar Eels – Microworms?

  1. Very interesting! This way of maintenance is similar to microworms and perhaps makes easier collecting vinegar eels… Thanks for your information.

  2. To avoid losing these cultures in summer time (Temp. above 25ºC) i put one or two of these plastic pots in the refrigerator (5ºC).

  3. Thanks! That might be useful to have a backup during the rest of the year also.

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