Austrolebias robustus

robustus Ruta88km74A photo of A. robustus, one of my favourite Austrolebias species. This is a pair from the “Ruta88km74” population, believed to be the Southernmost Austrolebias site. I have had them since 2005, but right now I’m down to one fish…so let’s hope a few more still hatch, or I will NEED to go fish them again.

4 thoughts on “Austrolebias robustus

  1. Nice fish!! I hope you have good luck with hatching and mantain them some more years… 😉
    What’s the size of fish at photo? They look well fed and I think they must reach a good size on your installations…

  2. Hi, they were some four to five centimeters at the time of the photo. They grow a few centimeters bigger than that but not much more. Yes hopefully something more hatches…

  3. I just got a package of eggs nearly ready to hatch (6 months incubation) and would like to read about how you breed and grow them. In the past I had another large species and found them tough to grow, as they’d eat each other readily. I kept them cool to cold to extend their lives (not sure if it worked), but I found them impossible to fully feed, and females declined apparently from insufficient food.

  4. Hi, the fry need to be a bit warmer than the adults to grow well. Feeding: should go OK, I always add some plants, Daphnia and tubifex from the start. If females or fish in general decline, maybe it’s a water issue? I’ve had some trouble with water that was insufficiently dechlorinated or with too much S/N.

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