Blackworm culture works!

Blackworm culture (2013)Some weeks ago, friends from the Portuguese Killifish Association explained me how to culture blackworms. They’re in a shallow tray since then at room temperature, the water gets replaced few times per week with aged water. I rock the tray every few days, this is said to cut some worms in pieces making them regenerate and multiply. The tray has some rocky material to help that and to provide hiding space. It is biological aquarium filter material. Food: aquarium wafers containing Spirulina and courgette cubes. Amazingly, they did double in quantity over these two-three weeks!

One thought on “Blackworm culture works!

  1. One of my children likes picking worms from this culture with a pipette to feed the fish: it’s an open tray and shallow. The culture stays pretty stable over a long period, probably because worm densities are not high.

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