Tanks to the tunnel

Tunnel (2013)It’s done. In France, 31 tanks with Austrolebias are now outdoors in a shaded tunnel.
All fish were transferred in water of which about 50% is from their original tanks, and the rest aged tap water.
Tanks are in different sizes, and numbers of fish per tanks are so that it is easy to feed them: the amount to be fed is proportional to tank size.
13 Tanks have a breeding container now. More will follow. The species are A. elongatus (General Conesa, Vivorata, Ezeiza, Villa Soriano), prognathus (Salamanca), vazferreirai (Parque Rivera, Arroyo de las Viboras), viarius (Valisas), paucisquama (Sao Sepe), bellotti (Maschwitz, Villa Soriano), nigripinnis (San Juan Missiones, Maschwitz), melanoorus (R5KM399), robustus, charrua (Canal Andreoni, Ruta1316).

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