Cold blackworms

There’s a lot of snow, but temperatures aren’t that low. I did overlook some blackworm (Lumbriculus variegatus) cultures that were standing outdoors. After few days of frost, there was little water left unfrozen, but the worms in there were doing fine. I’ve moved them to a warmer spot.
The culture works like this: small 1 liter container, two strips of filter sponge, aged and rain water. The worms settle on the sponges. They eat (vegetarian) fish food. Multiplication rates are not high now, as it is cold, but the blackworms doubled in number in a bit over a month. After winter, I’ll try this on a larger scale, maybe with an airstone or some Daphnids added.

2 thoughts on “Cold blackworms

  1. Tubifex did very well outside also! It survives in huge balls in some empty fish tanks I left standing. Indoor, I’m trying cultures on scrub pads with algal wafers as food.

  2. Ever tried Enchytraeus albidus? They seem to be easy to culture on some soil with added compost. I feed them stuff like leftovers of vegetables and lots of fine grinded nettles. They do well in lower temperatures, so you could keep them together with your fish and have plenty of good food for females. Their nutritional value should be pretty much the same as with tubifex, they just have more of dry matter.

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