Quick repair

Monday staff from the ECOTRON fixed a small Herp Nursery Peltier-incubator for me, which took them about half an hour.
Apparently, the poor thing had been standing in very low temperatures for too long, and the continuous heating had destroyed the Peltier element which heats and cools the incubator. That turned out to be a small 4 x 4 centimeter plate. Impressive that this is the core of the machine.
I’ve borrowed this photograph from an online shop.

3 thoughts on “Quick repair

  1. hi where you buy this plate as i need one for my incubator as i have the same faulty on my incubater?

  2. hi whercan i buy this item as igot same fault with my incubater.thanks

  3. Hi Hersh,
    the type is tec1-12705. Just google that, there are many suppliers. I bought mine on ebay.
    Cheers, Tom

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