Fry in an incubator

Sometimes the weather is just not doing what you need. Recently hatched fry seem most sensitive to this, according to my impression. Some species seem to suffer more from cold nights than others. I’m using a small and relatively cheap Peltier incubator (Herp Nursery II) to keep some fry at relatively constant temperatures. What I do at the moment is raise the temperature to 25 degrees (C) during the day, and lower it to 20 when I go to bed. It seems to work well! Alevins of Austrolebias patriciae “Fontana”, aff. patriciae and paucisquama “Sao Sepe” all eat, grow and survive very well.

One thought on “Fry in an incubator

  1. Hello. I would like to know how and where can i buy or get fries.
    I remember growing up in Buenos aires and going out to ponds with my friend and getting these fish by sweeping a used onion bag net on the water and getting 10th of these lovely fish.

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