Full small house

After some weeks of attempts at hatching many fry, my wooden fish house got filled up with small tanks from bottom to top. I decided to postpone further hatching for some time, until nearly all fish are outdoors and reproducing. Inside the house, there still are small groups of Austrolebias wolterstorffi (El Bagre, Canal Andreoni), prognathus (Canal Andreoni, Salamanca), elongatus (Vivorata, Villa Soriano, Gral Conesa), cheradophilus (Ruta1316), vazferreirai (R26), arachan (Chuy), gymnoventris (Castillos, Velasquez), nigripinnis (Maschwitz, San Juan Missiones), viarius (Castillos), bellotti (Maschwitz, Ezeiza), apaii (Villa Soriano), charrua (Canal Andreoni, R1316), luteoflammulatus (Canal Andreoni) and lonesome individuals of a few more species.

2 thoughts on “Full small house

  1. I identify very much with your comments on A. elongatus. I’m raising some for research purposes (I’m a professional biologist as well as an aquarist), and they are indeed a “handful!.” I have the “Gen’l Conseja” strain and have raised a few from the Villa Soriano strain as well. I had not seen the “Vivorata” strain until your posting and was struck by the divergence in color pattern (in both sexes) from the other two strains. Are you still maintaining this strain and might some eggs be available? I am not sure that we are dealing with a single species in this case…

  2. Dear Bruce,
    I only recently started breeding A. elongatus “Gral. Conesa”, but three other populations I have (“Ezeiza”, “Villa Soriano”, “Vivorata”) are all different in colour and patterning. These three do cluster together nicely in a molecular phylogeny we are working on.
    I’ll try to post photos of each population soon!
    Cheers, Tom

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