Peltier elements

The incubation of killifish often occurs quite simply on a shelve in the fish room. Then one has limited control over the incubation temperature and thus incubation times can vary. With more constant incubation conditions predictability increases and it becomes easier to decide when to hatch what. This can be achieved by using incubators, but these can consume a lot of electricity. I’ve recently tried some incubators which use Peltier elements. I tried both large models such as the one on the photo and small ones (Herp Nursery II) sold for incubating reptile eggs. I’ve checked the temperatures inside with a datalogger. In a large professional model, the temperature (22 C) was extremely well controlled. In the small ones, I found a temperature gradient from top to bottom. That was no problem, as it remained stable.
Small Peltier incubators consume (if the folder is correct) on average 10W per hour. They can run on 12V DC, meaning it would be feasible to power them by means of a solar panel also.
I use incubators systematically, and after this positive experience, I am replacing incubators by Peltier models whenever possible.

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