As spring proceeds, it is not always easy to collect pond food with the right size and in the right abundance for all fry. For example, when fishing for food I now need to skim the water surface carefully to get the smallest zooplankton. Contrary to my original plans, I thus decided to raise some Artemia. It is used as a supplement, or as the basic food to raise alevins to a size where I do have zooplankton available in.

To reduce noise and save some energy, I don’t use an aerated and heated bottle anymore. Siberian Artemia ggs harvested from Kulundinskoe Lake are hatched in small containers, in volumes of 500 ml to which I add 10 grams of seasalt. The Artemia hatches gradually at room temperature. When abundant, I separate the husks from the nauplii in a bottle with a valve. The nauplii are tapped and rinsed with tap water (which doesn’t contain chlorine).
This type of Artemia nauplii survives well in the fish tanks, often until the next morning.

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  1. I’ve reduced the water depth to 1 centimeter and things seems to work even better.
    Cheers, Tom

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