Warm water

I’m in Paris and the weather is great. For Austrolebias, it is important to avoid that the tanks heat up too much. In the past, I experimented with netting, different depths and different tank colours, all with some effects, and it is time to start planning ahead for this year.
Two ideas are under consideration. The first is putting tanks in a mesh tunnel, which provides ventilation and shade. The second idea in the pipeline is to copy a phenomenon which occurs in the field. There the water is often murky due to suspended clay particles. This provides a great experience: when it’s very hot and you step into a pond, at moderate depths your feet will be standing in fresh and cool water! The fish are there as well. So I’m going to buy a block of clay in a craft store and will turn some tanks murky this summer.

4 thoughts on “Warm water

  1. Hello,

    I like that turbid water idea using clay very much. Stealing nature’s ideas is often the best think to do for the fish. If you need clay and you are not going use it for pottery, you do not have to buy it in craft store, you may very well use cat litter bentonite I think. That would do for cloudy water just fine and you get much more for little money. I think you only need very little to make the water cloudy so I would not care about possible ion exchange changing the water quality.

    Cheers, Pavel

  2. Meanwhile, I found out that in a little corner of the garden, quite some river clay has accumulated in big chunks in the soil….will use them. Experimenting with different clays is fun!

  3. Yes, clay is very interesting indeed. Did you try to compare the thermocline for the turbid and clear water in the same conditions? Sorry you probably have some real science to do. I definitely have to give it a try. Have big plans for simmilar kind of Austrolebias “farm” this year.

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