Hatching bags from Uruguay and Argentina

I continue hatching annual killifish in small volumes of water at home, feeding the alevins with pond food. This week I wanted to hatch embryos from 9 bags with eggs which I bought on Aquabid, or otherwise. All bags came from Argentina or Uruguay. These bags are usually small and can become completely dry prematurely, killing all embryos in them. To keep the peat inside moist and the air with plenty of humidity, I used to put the bags on a sponge. This was then placed inside a plastic box with a layer of demineralized water on the bottom, keeping the air inside saturated. Disadvantage: the labels fade and bags need an extra waterproof mark. This time I checked the bags weekly and injected a few drops of water if necessary, using a syringe with a needle. This worked fine!
+ The hatching itself went like this: I added very cool water in the morning (14 degrees C), and let the temperature rise in the room during the day (to over 23). The amount of bellysliders was minimal.
Swimming are: A. luteoflammulatus, reicherti, elongatus, cheradophilus, nigripinnis, arachan. The week started well…

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