This temperature control didn’t work

Heating mat (2013)After some serious thinking I decided to try a heating mat and a controller, to store my killifish eggs at a more or less fixed temperature at home. It didn’t work. The fluctuations in temperature right above the mat for example went from 24 to 36 degrees, when I just wanted 22 C… So now I’m back to a system where some tanks with an aquarium heater are standing amidst the boxes with peat. Should work, has done so for years.

Return from vacation

Can’t resist buying these when in Portugal…After three weeks of vacation, my fish in the garden are very much OK. I found only one dead fish so far, among over one hundred. The victim was a young male wolterstorffi “El Bagre”. Hatching has resumed, and I will continue to do so for three more weeks.

Room with a view

Garden house (2013)Yes this is the view: some 15 tanks with different species of Austrolebias going their way. When the room heats up, the show begins! I feel like watching them for hours. Amazing how eager these fish are to lay eggs.

Spring approaching

Handpicking eggs continues. Meanwhile some orchids in the kitchen start flowering! In the not so far distance, you can see three lemons on a small tree in the garden.
I’ve already bagged A. luteoflammulatus “La Paloma” eggs, A. bellotti “Sol”, A. wolterstorffi “El Bagre” and others, all over two years old. Few eggs were ready to hatch, let’s see if they resume development.

Summer vacation

Just returned from summer vacation. All fish did very well during my absence and I definitely need to take pictures from them as soon as possible. Wednesday I start hatching fry again. 25 species and lines to do before autumn… Could pick my first tomatoes from the garden at last. Plus they are easy to photograph.

Waiting for warmer nights

I’ve raised a bunch of fry which I want to transfer to the garden. My plan was to do this in April, but night temperatures are hardly rising above five degrees Celsius. My impression in previous years was that fry and juveniles are not as “good” in dealing with cold temperatures as adults.
So I’m waiting….waiting…for warmer nights.
Meanwhile the fry are growing happily.

Spring time

My addiction … I ordered and received banana plants, Musa basjoo and sikkimensis, palm trees Butia capitata, Beccariophoenix madagascariensis, Dypsis decaryi, Rhopalostylis baueri and my currently favourite palm tree Archontophoenix cunninghamiana. Some of them will go in the greenhouse, others in the garden. The bananas are “back-up” for some plants which I had in the garden already, and which might not resprout.
Well, I sometimes germinate palm seeds in an incubator where I keep killfish eggs. Does that count as an explanation?