Hot peat

Peat is what we need, as substrate for the Austrolebias parents to lay their eggs. Instead of boiling it (which I sometimes do in a rice cooker), I just heat it for a few days in a tank in full sun. The peat sinks after warming up sufficiently, and I use it straight away.

When the easy get tough

Some species that are dead easy to raise on Artemia in a fish room, are a bit more trouble in “greened” conditions. Suddenly, I find Austrolebias nigripinnis difficult. The alevins are small, and when the temperatures are a bit low they grow relatively slowly. Meanwhile, the small pond food which I have carefully sieved out for them, has increased a lot in size. Nigripinnis gets eaten, can’t pick the food, end of story. So I definitely need to add Artemia the first week so that they don’t starve, and I will postpone hatching them to later dates, so that cold nights are not occurring anymore.